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The price of the book was lowered by 30% on 1 April 2017 which means US $34.
Updated as at 1 January 2017 is the unique top-10 world all-time ranking of athletes with career
details for the top selections (228 pages). This file can be sent with the book as a pdf file.

Who’s the best track and field athlete of all time? The question is almost impossible to answer given the versatility and great development of the sport over a lot of aspects covering more than one hundred years. But here’s a serious try! World’s Greatest in Athletics is a unique book covering all the best track and field athletes of all time in text, pictures and statistics. It includes a never before published ranking of the top-10 in all standard events for men and women based on honors won, records and result level. For each event the career profiles are given for the top ranked athletes followed by succinct career summaries with honours won for the rest of the top-10 athletes. There are also chapters about the best all-round sprint and distance runners.

"This is a landmark in the sport! It's a must reading for every track and field fan and will be an unparalleled reference source for years to come!"

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This 832 page book also includes 500 deep all-time-lists in all big events for men and women with all details as at 1 January 2015. Never before have such deep lists been published in print. The lists include mark, name, nationality, date of birth, position in competition (with specifications as to preliminary rounds), name of meet, venue, date of competition and wind reading in events concerned. Included also are the 100 best performances in each event.

The last part is top-10 decade lists in all principal events for each tenth year 1900-2010. Included is height and weight in order to get an idea of how athletes have grown in just over a century.

"It's not all words and figures either, for this stunning publication also contains 315 photos."

Mel Watman

World’s Greatest in Athletics includes three main parts:

  • Top-10 world ranking in all standard events with career details, best performances and annual progression
  • 500 deep world all-time-lists including top-100 performances
  • Decade lists, top-10 in all events for every tenth year 1900–2010

832 pages, 34 USD plus postage (original price 49 USD), 170x240 mm, 315 pictures, soft cover
Published 4 December 2015

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